Peter Lombardo


I have a worked a hand full of jobs in my home town of Ventura, Ca. Each one left me off with new or improved skills than the one prior.

Retail: I have worked at Vans, Active Ride Shop, and Iron and Resin. Each place I worked for over one year, and left off on great terms. My most recent employer was Iron and Resin, and I left as a key holder.

Food Service: I worked a few restaurant jobs which gave me the initiative to be timely and efficient with my work no matter what it is, as well as teaching me to have a cool head in heated or intense situations.

Photography: I was featured in What Youth Issue 19 as a photographer for a band called Guantanamo Baywatch. I am currently working on a few zines with my friends, and I would like to take my photography even further if possible.