Mia Bingham


Ever since I was a child, vigorously practicing in the performing arts, I have developed and obtained a strong passion and awareness for design as it applies to our world. Whether it be a sense of space, composition, emotional impact, precisely choreographed movement, social dynamic, environment or guided intention, everything in our world has a place in the world of design.

As a young dancer, trained specifically in classical ballet, I had more opportunity than most to develop my own sense of diligence, respect, team work, and an intense work ethic while shaping my craft throughout my adolescence and into adulthood. These are all characteristics that I continued to bring into my professional career as a dancer, even further into my education, and now into my career as a designer. Of course, my passion for design does not stop with the love for the craft and skill.

I have strived to practice a lifestyle full of genuine moments. Finding daily inspiration from travel, music, art, fashion, substantial words, architecture and nature, I work to immerse myself in these elements of life and design. I also hope to surround myself with like-minded individuals. Individuals that I have the opportunity to learn from, which present a constructive surface to bring my ideas to while allowing those ideas to emerge and develop. Collaboration is something I am eager to practice as a designer and may be the most important element in the creative process.

I take pride in work that is simple yet concise, leaving a clean yet enticing taste on your palette, which I believe you will be able to see in my portfolio.

Design serves as an invigorating challenge in my life to conceptually communicate to the world around me. It is the challenge of creating a message which both silently speaks for itself and visually stands on its own. Through experience, I have found that a life lacking challenge constitutes for a life lacking in growth. I am eager to expand my knowledge and opportunity in a career full of passion, diligence and artistic outlet through design.