Neena Schueller

Neena Schueller

Marketing & Management Strategist

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Neena Schueller was born in Gainesville, Florida at the tender age of zero. It was not long after that when she accessed her entrepreneurial spirit and started engaging in business. From selling paintings in her driveway at the age of 5, to creating uniquely-crafted bracelets for customers in middle school, to opening her eBay store in high school, Neena has always been naturally drawn towards business and the vast realms that it encompasses. She finds marketing and management to be the perfect outlet for her creative, social, and analytical thinking, and finds unparalleled fulfillment in optimizing efficiency to help improve businesses and create a more sustainable world.

Versatility, adaptability, and positivity are the three key attributes of Neena's style of work. Neena's perpetually-expanding skill set paves the way for diversification within her work setting, and her ability to think quickly yet outside the box in order to adapt to the environment sets her apart from the typical employee. Furthermore, her leadership skills are based on inspiring and motivating others through optimistic yet honest communication. Neena values trust more than anything, and wants to establish mutual respect with everyone she encounters, whether in business or everyday life.

Neena Schueller is not a creative professional, but rather someone who is professional at living and lives to create.