Bryan Falzetti


I am a recent college graduate, who is seeking an entry level job to help me start a career in the clothing industry. I received a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising Management, which was a degree that focused more on the business/merchandising/planning end of the industry, however I also took classes in designing, forecasting, creating tech packs, and creating whole lines of clothes from scratch, as well as other creative and technical aspects of the industry.

I was born and raised in Southern California and love the beach, boating, skating, and the clothing & fashion of the area; and I hope to find a company based in Southern California to work for, so that I can exude my love for the area into the clothing and other merchandise, and into the work I do.

I am a hard working individual, who is highly-organized, very time efficient, works well independently and as part of a team, and communicates well written and verbally. I am able to have numerous projects going on at once, and get them done on time and correctly. I am very social and would love a position that lets me interact with various types of people and possibly travel. I am creative and analytical and a position that challenges me to use or blend both kinds of thinking would be ideal. I learn very quickly, so anything I do not know, I can pick up with ease, and become self efficient, with little need for guidance, in no time.

I have used numerous search engines and trend forecasting sites for inspiration and research purposes. I can create and use pivot tables, come up with merchandise planning sheets, and create and use formulas in excel and use excel to help me be more efficient and organized. Using information such as season, target market, product, product use, and more, I can create mood boards and customer profiles to help inspire, create, or stay focused on products or product lines and assist with marketing plans. I know how to read and create tech packs if needed, and have used CAD and sketch up before. I like to use information sharing programs such as Google docs/sheets, shared online information saving spaces, and even social networks, such as Facebook or email chains, in order to help keep members of shared projects up to date, and giving the ability to team members to work on and see changes to information in real time.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or job opportunities, thank you for reading!