Jared Janeway


Offering creative design solutions to solve business problems is what I do best. My clients come to me with an idea or a business problem they are struggling with and I collaborate with them to develop exciting and innovative designs that build brand awareness, promote product benefits, enhance the product’s professional appearance, and in turn contribute to sustained ROI for their business. Mindful of the importance of balancing the client’s needs and vision with practical and cost-efficient design formats, I strive to develop solutions and designs that are inviting and interesting, but also mirror the client’s core values and mission. My work and design accomplishments are highlighted below.
Developed clean, eye-catching advertisements, which appeared in issues of Seventeen magazines and in smaller special interest magazines.
Experimented with color schemes, typography, and layout to produce a creative yet consistent look and feel that supported the culture, and visual identity of the company.
Quickly and efficiently met rushed deadlines for 144 store requests without compromising the quality of the final product/design; communicated and exercised judgment to balance priorities while keeping internal clients informed.
Improved revenues by creating a unique marketing message and associated collaterals for the company’s shifting audience.
In addition to my design and production skills, I am willing to work collaboratively or independently to ensure design quality. I am a team player and I enjoy bouncing my ideas off of a skilled, collaborative team. However, I also have great follow through and self-initiative, so I am capable of independently handling a project to fruition.
Lastly, I am interested in an opportunity, which truly challenges my creative instincts and pushes me to become a better designer while also teaching me new and innovative techniques. I am an artist by nature, a designer by trade, and I am seeking an opportunity to put my talents to work.
I would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss my qualifications in more detail and am confident that I can deliver results similar to those described above for your organization. I look forward to a personal interview.
Jared Janeway