Samuel Silva


Center for Advanced Design Elk River, MN
Senior Design Engineer June 2016 – January 2017
• Communicating with customers to design and develop products from fixtures to mechanical components
• Partnered with industrial designers and engineers in the team to develop solutions for customers’ needs and allign them with manufacturers
• Utilized in house rapid manufacturing and machining capabilities to build customers prototype solutions
• Assisted in the Beta testing program for an upcoming 3D printing machine

Target Corporation Minneapolis, MN
3D Design Engineer November 2011 – June 2016
• Designing comprehensive products ranging from consumer goods to industrial fittings, ensuring products are suitable for manufacturing
• Partnering with industrial and technical designers, engineers, and vendors to analyze customer needs and develop new product solutions
• Operating and utilize several types of Rapid Manufacturing (3D printing) machines, including Stratasys Fortus Series, Objet Connex 260, ZCorp 650, and Makerbot Replicator, to print out functional prototypes
• Generated savings of over $210,000 in prototyping costs in the last year by providing teams with in house 3D models, prototypes and engineering drawings versus using third party vendors
• Received 13 patents

United States Army - RDECOM Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
Prototype Engineer/Composites Specialist June 2009 – 2011
• Support US Army with functioning prototypes, models, and short run production of classified items requested
• Worked with various engineers and designers to complete projects
• Operated Rapid Manufacturing (3D printing) machines including Stratasys Fortus Series, 3D Systems SLA Systems, EOS SLS Systems, Objet Connex Series, ZCorp 650
• Worked with various composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber layups for various aerial pods and nose cones