Michael Valdez


I'm an illustrator, designer and art director with thirteen years of professional experience, most of it in mobile gaming, with some occasional forays into tv animation and various freelance design projects.

Since graduating with a degree in illustration from the Academy of Art, I’ve spent much of my career working in gaming, creating art for either games themselves or for the merchandise, promotional products and marketing materials that accompany them.

As the Director of Creative Services for CAPCOM Mobile I oversee a small team of artists and learned to wear a lot of hats. We’re primarily dedicated to the creation of marketing collateral which include ad banners, game trailers, promotional videos, display items and promotional items. We concept, build and deliver all art assets that are not in-game including logos and identity products (for both corporate and game products). I ensure that everything we do is carefully designed to identify what is most fun or exciting or different about our products and communicate that excitement to the end user. By approaching AAA brands like Star Wars, Smurfs, and the CAPCOM suite of games with the team-based, bootstrap mentality of the startup culture, I seek to inspire teams to create quality product that honors and builds on the passion that brought users to the brand to begin with.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Samples are available at http://mikevaldez.com (password is ‘candlepin’)