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Jesus Alvarado

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To whom it may concern.
I am currently a third year Graphic Design major. However, I may add that I was once enrolled as an Architecture Major for a year and two quarters. To give some insight in my time in Architecture as well as in Graphic Design, I will briefly list the skills they have taught me.
For Architecture, I learned right away first hand that the profession is no joke. It requires 100 percent of dedication to ones projects. It taught me time management, to work proficiently within specifics deadlines without stressing out as much as I did before. It also taught me the fundamentals for several design software ranging from AutoCAD/Rhino 3D to Photoshop. As for the reason I left, I simply did not enjoy the lifestyle. I was not comfortable nor happy in what I was doing, even though I still love Architecture itself.
For Graphic Design, I noticed of the bat that I was much comfortable. The profession seemed to fit in better than Architecture did. Simply for the reason that there is so much you can do with the profession. I have learned several sub areas within Graphic Design. For instance, Printmaking, Photography, Typography, some book arts, painting/drawing, some motion graphics, and some graphic media production. All of which I fell in love with simply because I love learning new things that involve my creativity and my hands on skills which are influenced by my perfectionist ways.
As stated. Graphic design has several directions one can go. I particularly love the idea of having my own firm based on Typographic/Illustrative designs done by any style of print making on any media, as well as adding some Photography as well.
Finally, I hope I may be a perfect fit within your community of fellow designers.

Jesus Alvarado