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Cody Bedrosian

Cody Bedrosian

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I first took an interest in Kinesiology after experiencing a sports injury as a teenager. The injury came about from poor biomechanics and the use of sports equipment that was not well fitted for my individual body. So I studied Kinesiology on my spare time, and it soon became an obsession. I thought that if I could benefit from the knowledge of health, nutrition, and biomechanics, then so could others! 

My long term goal would be to work with within communities with individuals to teach them and generations down the line how to maintain health, nutrition, and activity throughout their lives. In my time working as a physical therapy aid, I learned just how important one-on-one time is with each individual. Every body is different, therefore would receive different treatment. That is why I focus greatly on my interpersonal communication skills and getting to know people individually as I work with them.

"The greatest wealth is health!"

We live in a world where we favor corrective measures over preventative measures. And I don't believe it is our fault. Many people in our country and around the world are uneducated and uninformed of the consequences of an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. 

Personally, I have seen both the 80 year old person with the body of an 18 year old, and the 18 year old with the body of an 80 year old. Maintaining your body is a full time job! And those who put the time in, I believe, are truly wealthy.

That is where I come in. It doesn't just take making something available for people do it. It takes one person, one household, one neighborhood, and one city at a time to make the decision to be aware. Being an activist for the health community and inspiring others is something I truly love. My ultimate utopia is one where no one is held back by health restraints and physical illness. A future where good nutrition is promoted and enjoyed by generations to come.

-Cody Bedrosian