Matthew Nadell

Matthew Nadell

Logistics/Supply Management Specialist

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I am a highly successful/competent Officer, Manager, and Team Leader with an extensive background in hands-on logistics management and multi-transportation platforms. My success has been both internal to the companies to which I have contributed, and external to clients and customers. I’d like to bring that success to your company as a valued member of your team.

As a logistics officer/manager I have led multi-million dollar inter modal projects for both inside and outside logistic management that resulted in on-time/on-budget completions. Outside projects range from third party intercontinental transportation, worldwide cargo transfer, and handling of large equipment. Inside projects included warehouse overhauls, new build ships set up overseas, military contracts, union labor management, and construction management of new technology/facilities.

With proven multi-tasking capabilities and a strong ability to plan, prioritize, and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines I have become a successful logistics/project/warehouse manager. My strong leadership abilities allow me to motivate team members, establish consensus among cross-functional lines, and fine-tune project guidelines through process-oriented analysis. I have both the creativity to envision the big picture and the detail oriented/problem solving skills to get the job done in a fast-paced environment.

Highlights of my qualifications include:
• Strong background in port management, maritime vessel logistics, cargo transportation, foreign regulations, intercontinental goods transfer, advanced computerized systems, and vendor/workforce management (both domestic and international).
• Proven ability to consistently complete projects under budget with extreme emphasis on company profit and set deadlines.
• Experienced technical skills when working with computer based systems and third party programs for various job duties.
• Effective marketing manager with web analytic skills that provide results and profit.
• Recognized as a top performer among peers, with a track record of demonstrating exceptional organizational skills with results that consistently exceed expectations.
• Cargo/Logistics Manager/Single-Point-Of-Contact overseeing a department at one of the largest marine ports in the world that gained $2.5M in profit over a one year period.
• Experienced maritime transportation expert with advance time sailing aboard ships of all different classes throughout the world.
• Avid world traveler who has explored more than 20 foreign countries and grown from each of their different cultures and views of the world around them.
• Safety leader of personnel to complete jobs efficiently with no injuries or damage to company assets.
• Ability to travel domestically and internationally with no travel or time restrictions.