Andreas  Gärtner


I'm a german Sales Professional which want to leave Germany to Start an New life in the USA.
I'm 17th of November 1981 Born in Heilbronn and in a relationship, but Not married and no children.
I worke Since 2004 in Different Sales Positions for three Different companies.

I got experience in industrial Sales (Export Office) in the Company i got my education after School.
2004-2015 i worked For one of the biggest bmw Dealers in Germany in selling Cars.
2015 Till Date - i changed my mind and Wanted to do. external industrial Sales to See a Little more of the Sales Job.
Current i work for industrial Sales in rubber transport belts Amt technical supplies for a smaler Company with 7 Stands in South Germany...

Now my mind changed again and i want to Start a new live in the USA and Start to search for a Job to get my Dream come true.
German School Education:
1988-1993 Basic School
1993-1998 middle School
1998-2001 apprenticeship in industrial Sales
2001-2004 industrial Sales Manager for Export
2004-2015 Sales Manager BMW
2015-Date Sales Manager industrial supplies and Transport rubber belts.