Elisabeth Rosenwasser


Why Me:

1. I Am Unstoppable:

I am someone who thrives under pressure and constructive criticism is my BFF. I am always saying yes feedback yes how can I make this better. I want to be that rocket ship that brings my team to the moon.

2. I Am Unmoveable:

I am not moved or swayed by hard choices, stress tension or pressure. I thrive in these situations and use it to cultivate my ideas and concepts. I am a brainstorming unicorn who thinks about not just what’s outside of the box but how the box can be shaped and constructed in different ways.

3. I Am a Risk Taker:

I like to think that the sky is the limit. We can always pull back and adjust but I prefer to think big and crazy. Because sometimes its the crazy ideas that end up being the best ideas

Overall, I am the leader, creator and thinker that WILL bring her ideas to the table in a powerful and passionate way to help cultivate wins for her coworkers and team.

Have a beautiful day!