Fawna Xiao


I have worked in a variety of creative and managerial positions and have proven again and again that I am a capable collaborator and leader. I am self-motivated, thorough, and innovative. I work well under pressure, and approach projects with an open mind and an easy laugh. Currently, I'm a production manager for a theatrical length documentary, which encompasses the smooth running of production, which includes budgets, logistics, and management of talent, crew, and third party vendors. In the past, I have worked as a Producer and Editor for the Discovery Channel, where i help to produce and edit engaging content about all kinds of things for all kinds of platforms. Prior to that, I directed an art gallery in Washington DC, and helped to maintain a successful social media presence and press relationship, as well as the overall running of the gallery. All of my work experience has emphasized a successful product management, logistics, creativity, and delivering campaigns on time and under budget. I look forward to hearing from you!