Parisa Okada


I believe it’s a good start to start my career as an intern and explore different sides of the fashion industry. I am willing to work more on the creative side of industry since my major was computer technology fashion design and it is what I enjoy the most. In the creative side of the fashion industry I can learn much more about designing techniques and experience what it is really like to work in a fashion industry. This motivates me to experience different sides of the fashion industry and work hard to become a professional fashion designer/ graphic designer.

Highlights of Qualification:
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver and CAD.
• Proficient in Internet Applications.
• Skills in managing time in various situations.
• Reliable and punctual.
• Ability to communicate and work well with others.
• Can speak multiple language: English, Farsi, and a little bit of Japanese

• San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, California
• I graduated in 2016 with A.S in Computer Technology Fashion Design

• Volunteered dresser for Gretchen Production Fashion Show in May 2015. I helped the models dress up in the backstage and made sure that they are wearing the right clothes for the runway in the order the company had arranged.
• Promoting and producing San Diego Mesa College Fashion Show in spring 2015. My promotion class promoted for the fashion show and sold items that people donated to us to raise money for the Golden Scissor Fashion Show and Award. We also categorized the garments that were going on the runway and name set in appropriate name such as evening wear, day wear and etc. Our group contacted different models and set a day for models to wear the garment and made sure it fits them and told the models about what they are going to wear on the day of the fashion show and took picture of each model with the garment they were going to wear to arrange the order the models had to go on the runway. At the day of the show we helped set up and made sure everything is going smooth and help the models get dressed and send them to the runway.
• Worked in a “Fashion Q” retail store for 4 months as a work experience course for college credit.