Jon Bagalso


Life inspires me. Society influences you to take direction based on the path you've thought life decides to place you. I'm guilty of taking the easy way out, collect the paychecks and skip the struggle to comfortably make ends meet. I've come to realization a few times in life that the easy route just isn't the satisfying route. It's not easy, but I'v left the job of stability to follow what I truly embody as a passion.

For the past 10 years, photography has been there through all of my journeys. Whether to monetize it through professional work, taking a spontaneous day trip to the Bay Area to capture the beautiful street culture of Chinatown and even the day I married my wonderful wife. I currently work in an industry that doesn't require a camera for my day to day role, but packing a camera is an absolute must. That's how much I appreciate the art. Not out there looking for daily "bangers" on my breaks, but just appreciating the simplicity of a capture and the thoughts behind what I want to portray.

Ever since I was a kid, the ocean was a huge part of my childhood. With a pro surfer for a cousin, it was always a thought to go big just like her. These days, the ocean models for me. Grabbing that one unique capture goes a long way for me. And the satisfaction could be endless; edited, then exported for print and hung up on the wall for years. That goes as an analogy for my work ethic, a constant perseverance of personal and professional betterment. It's hard to say that I'm proud, because I will constantly criticize till it hits absolute perfection.