Ron DiCecca


While this very well may be the most unorthadox cover letter you've ever read. The reason being is, my resume was professionally done and although I believe it to be very articulate and well written on a business level, I dont believe it fully captures all my passion, personality, qualifications, commitment and talents.
In 2002 at 31 years of age, I decided to open my own business. It took a passion for what I was doing and certainly no fear of very long days and ultimately a knowledge and acceptance of all responsibility falling squarely on myself. Fortunately, I excelled at it.
I decided on the name, negotiated the lease, which manufacturers I would carry and the lines within. I selected product. drilled down to the best pricing and sometimes drilled a little more. I bought smart, outlined a financial game plan, secured advertising at the right prices, plan-o-grammed the store, bought and designed all interior decor as well as exterior signage. I handled the logistics, customer service and finances. It was a lot. it was long days and it was invigorating.
As a start up, in my first year, my company grossed sales of 1.2 million dollars.
5 years later, after hiring and training a sales staff negotiating more leases, securing, implementing strategy and company policy, I had already opened 2 more stores. In 2009, wanting to expand even further, I approached the owner of a six store retail chain and within 120 days of our first meeting bought and owned all 6 of those stores including the name, leases, all inventory and assets. Our footprint had just tripled. We opened a new centralized warehouse. Developed software for a brand new real time inventory/pos system. Continued to train the existing as well as newly hired sales staff on efficient solution selling and coupled it with exemplary customer service. Customers/clients are valuable. The answer in sales is never a no. We never made false promises but yet always found a way to satisfy the needs and requests. There is certainly more. We opened more stores. I have since sold stores and some leases as well.
I write all this not only in an effort to illustrate some of my qualifications but to give an insight into the type of person your potential hire would be. Coming from this background does not afford the the resonse " not in my job description". The best interests of the company, its people and its success is all part of my job description. Inherently, it's a team. My core passions and talents are in the buying arena, sales, sales management, sales training and problem solving. I display spot on focus, foresight and tenacity as a buyer. The second best pricing is never good enough. Training sales people is so satisfying, watching their confidence grow and productivity increase. Identifying and over coming hesitations and objections.
In closing I thank you for reading. I've hired many people, Sometimes not because of just the words on the paper but yet the person in front of me. Hopefully, I've provided enough information and insite to warrant both from your time.

Ron DICecca