I've grown up in southern California most of my life. The lifestyle of the industry has been adapted to mine own since the 6th grade till now. I've had year experience in customer service, But truly interested in product development. Growing up as a bigger kid and now being a bigger man, most of the products don't come in my size! If they do its very difficult to find at any local retailers. I have multiple years at Fry's electronics as a merchandiser in store and sales face to face in store. Also have a long history with telemarketing, great on the phone. I've had a little over a year in management being a third key at Lids hatworld. Opening and closing the shop, doing bank drops and pick ups, and scheduling training.....Would need more. Most recently I've been cultivating in Mendocino county CA. Not only has it been a dream to work for any entity in this industry, I'm a loyal consumer. Thanks Kyle Cookson.