Matthew Garcia


Hello all,

My name is Matthew Garcia currently I am a Control Account and Project Manager for Global Asset Management on the F-135 jet engine programs, through Pratt and Whitney. While I enjoy the company I am currently working for, I am looking for an opportunity to be involved in an emerging market that I love, and that is anything involved with or supporting action sports.

Currently I manage over twenty control accounts, with a combined value exceeding $20,000,000. Having taken on this much responsibility in such a short time after graduation, has reassured myself of my work ethic that I would like to apply to something I could see myself doing for a lifetime.

I ask you to take a look at my resume, and please give me the opportunity to apply myself to a market that I have my heart set out on working in. I will do anything it takes to make this happen and I look forward to speak with anyone involved in the industry.