Colin Roberson


My name is Colin Roberson and I am a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Reliability and Maintainability. Over the course of my four years at Tennessee, I joined many organizations and stepped into a leadership role soon after joining. Addressing organizations with one hundred fifty members and managing a budget over one hundred fifty thousand a year became easy and comfortable to me as I stepped into my role as a leader and a spokesperson. Before college, I came from an engineering background from high school which has given me ten years of CAD software design skills. From my experience with my co-op at Lexmark, I learned strong team building skills in a design phase of a product, but what I learned about myself was my unique set of out of the box problem solving skills. This became useful when trying to understand how much of a materials property affected the design phase, and how to design towards a manufactural product. Material properties and manufacturability started out in my initial design phases from there on out. After the models and drawings were generated in Solidworks, we machined our own parts and assembled an Automated Fusegrade Testing Robot to test ink density for quality assurance and over cost efficiency. My minor in reliability and maintainability has taught me OSHA principles, six sigma, Kaizen, lean manufacturing, and other reliability principles. I know how to calculate the reliability of a manufacturing process through testing which can minimize failures by predicting them and fixing them before it happens, also reducing overall manufacturing costs. My background in leadership, combined with my ambition and engineering mindset, I know how to correlate my own strengths and skills to benefit a team and think I would be a great addition to your company. I am currently studying to take the Engineer in Training exam in April and am looking for a company to give me the engineering experience I need so I can work towards my Professional Engineer license.