Amanda Larkin, M.A.


I am a servant oriented leader with an eye for detail, a mind for lifelong learning and a heart for intentional community.

I have always been motivated to learn new skill sets and pursue positions that would elevate my experience in leadership and organization. I am passionate about mentoring and counseling others – whether that be through event planning, personal styling, achieving personal goals or career development. I am actively seeking a position that allows me to blend my passion for the creative industry and helping others actualize their dreams.

Naturally, I am drawn to positions in human resources, recruiting, event coordination, career advisement and management. I am currently open to finding internships or new opportunities in these areas that are a direct correlation with my strengths and abilities.

Clifton Strengths // Top 5 Results:

Individualization: “Strong understanding of the unique qualities and strengths of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together effectively and enhance team unity.”

Intellection: “When they have time to ponder and process, wisdom and clarity result. They can serve as a sounding board that helps others “stretch” to discover new ways to solve problems or enhance the quality of their work.”

Restorative: “Restorative talents love to solve problems, analyze symptoms, identify what is wrong, and find the solution. They like bringing things back to life by fixing them or rekindling their vitality. They also bring courage and creativity to problematic situations.”

Responsibility: “Responsibility talents take ownership for anything they commit to and follow it through to completion. They keep their promises and honor their commitments.”

Futuristic: “Futuristic talents anticipate and imagine in detail what tomorrow could or should be. A better product, a better team, a better life, or a better world - This vision energizes themselves and others.”