Jenn Isbell


My name is Jenn Isbell and I’m a talented and passionate multi-disciplined Designer with a proven record of success creating engaging content for web print, textiles, and lighting.

A little about me…
I posses more than 15 years of experience in print, web, and interactive marketing and 6 years of experience designing lighting and textiles for home decor. My passion to create innovative and thought-provoking designs across all of these media channels drives me to excel year after year.

Some of my key qualifications include a valuable blend of leadership, resourcefulness, creativity and a commitment to satisfaction that results in highly satisfied clients.

My solid background and professional training have prepared me to think on my feet, make informed decisions, work well within a group and motivate my teams through a combination of mentoring, identifying valuable skill sets and encouraging excellence within individual designers.

As a contractor for many years, I have an exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results through the use of an Agile workflow process and a flexible attitude. I have a warm and open personality and can acclimate quickly to most situations, allowing me to produce immediate and quality work. I encourage communication and believe that all creative endeavors thrive best in an environment of collaboration and fun.