I started in the footwear industry in ’93 designing printed graphic designs for tongue and heel details on soccer shoes for the brand LANZERA, spending several months per year in Taiwan throughout the development process working for a sourcing agent where I eventually designed most of the products for our clients before moving into my first corporate job in 2001.
As far as my workflow and deliverables for an in-line position, it’s heavily driven by technology and technique. From my earliest work to present, I’ve been an early adopter of software solutions that help me to work smarter instead of harder. I’m highly proficient in Alias Sketchbook Pro and Adobe CS5 and often asked to train Intern and Associate Designers current techniques and best practices for their digital workflow. In addition to my 2D expertise, I currently use Rhino 3D to quickly generate multiple technology concepts in the form of Rapid Prototypes and quick 3D sketches as well as MODO 901, Colorway and Keyshot for quick concept model renderings.
Although much of the work I’ve done recently is to remain confidential, I can show you several concepts from my portfolio that show my (prior) workflow, technique and design solutions. Please keep in mind that some of the concepts I'm attaching in my Coroflot URL are strictly styling exercises that focus on design deliverables and technique as well as demonstrates my proficiency in 2D and 3D applications.