cory bixler


I went to college at University of Colorado, Boulder. Upon finishing there I got a job for Vail Resorts. I quickly learned that I wanted a different experience so drove back east. Helped bring a 1800's house back to life, used my savings and drove out to Taos, NM sight unseen. Became a ski instructor/ski bum and met the best friends of my life to this day. We purchased film equipment and formed "Log Mahal Productions" to legitamize our ski bum lifestyle and make some fun movies about doing what we loved. Spent 3 years in Taos until we were faced with poor forecasts for the year to come so our crew packed up and moved to Mt. Baker, WA. Filmed our second feature film and had the deepest winter of our lives with over 800" that year. Once that season wrapped up we all split ways. I came east to work on another house project and once that ended began working at an outdoor shop here in CT. I pretty quickly learned the ins and outs of a ski shop and retail and became the manager/buyer and have been for the last 5 years. UPDATE: I'm now married with a 3 yr old daughter and we relocated to Bailey, Colorado where I manage a ski shop in Conifer and own a CBD business called Happy Roots Hemp Co. Willing to relocate if it's the right fit and fits with our lifestyle.