Sandra Evich


Hiring Manager,

Most recently, I have enjoyed gaining additional experience in entry, to intermediate professional roles. These positions include 1) Accounting for Business Services, 2) Retail sales environment, allowing me to delve into a more creative interior design customer basis, and 3) Auto Sales for a variety of customers, while analyzing credit scenarios and finance options.

While soul searching through these professional changes, I also began to learn the basics of starting an eCommerce online retail company, with price and profit % strategies, an overview of online marketing, and SEO techniques.

Prior to stretching out into these additional professional roles, I obtained a broad range of overall business infrastructure experience. Along the way, as I was gaining professional experience, with dedication, I successfully earned a Business Management and Administration Bachelors Degree.

Providing a more detailed overview of my professional path past, the beginning of 2014 and prior, I gained 6 years of learning Technology within a computer software inside sales/marketing environment. I also have 10 years of experience in the home mortgage industry (Both, Broker and Banking environments). For both, computer software sales, and home mortgages, I have gained an in depth knowledge, experience and understanding of overall Finance / Credit / Accounting / Sales / Customer service / and office Coordinator positions. The most prominent experience was being able to effectively be consultative with providing product descriptions/options, understanding economic aspects of pricing & business reconciling, and overall product knowledge and support for customers and senior account managers.

I have attached my resume, and would love to speak with you regarding a new, long term, refreshed, new beginning path, and identify how I could make a significant contribution to your company goal and daily operations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sandra Evich