Rena Accetta


As spoken from the short film Brujas, “family isn’t always necessarily bloodline. In some circumstances it can become the family in which you create.” Just like many of the girls who are highlighted in this film, I too have created my own family from the Action Sports community and I am here to leave my mark. Without further ado, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rena Accetta, I’m 24 -years-old, a recent graduate from Humboldt State University who sought a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies as well as a Minor in Business Administration, and most importantly very goal-oriented. I’m willing to put in the long hours that make it possible to follow my dreams. My interest for pursuing a career within the Action Sports Industry dates back to 2013, when I attended my very first Ladies Day at The Berrics. From the love and unity I received from this event, a passion sparked in my heart that this day in particular was going to be the day that determined the future direction in which I head. I have made sure to take upon myself, all the prior steps and responsibilities needed that will one day lead me to my success story. I am that success-oriented, passionate, ambitious individual who rises to the occasion when stakes are high. My end goal is to emerge myself on a path that is going to better my future and Redbull will be the perfect opportunity and platform to allow me to spread my wings and live my search.