Nathalie Maranesi


Category Manager with over 10 years of experience in collection planning, working with market and consumer demands, delivering concise and profitable fashion collections for different levels of distribution and consumers. 5 years of experience in collection planning, design and product development and 5 years of experience in purchasing, assortment planning, forecasting and merchandising in youth segment multinational companies. Experience in product management, merchandising, assortment planning, forecasting, purchasing, importing, demand planning, story-telling, and youth marketing.

Focused in developing collection strategies and adapting foreign brands for the Brazilian market. Works together with major clients in order to meet market and brand needs.

Previous experience as a Fashion Designer, coordinating design team,fashion research, creating themes for collections, reinterpreting collections from other countries and adapting to Brazilian market,
designing men's and women's collections -apparel and accessories, product development from creation to final product,and presenting collections to sales team.