Shawn Woods


Spearheaded product development plans, implemented sales and profit growth strategies through excellent marketing initiatives, and led all aspects of employee relation development. Moreover, I ensured operational excellence, productivity, and timeliness of service delivery through excellent supervision skills, in addition to communicative and informative sales and marketing platforms to address client needs and desires. I have also played a direct hand in expanding company productivity, improving efficiency, and staff training and development, while implementing innovative leadership during project oversight. Further, I hold the responsibility of collaborating with internal and external staff to meet project goals, as well as to identify and resolve any project-based or sales-based concerns prior to workflow issues. Upon review of my resume, you will note my advancing career and leadership responsibilities.

To highlight a few of my accomplishments:
• Proven ability to enhance operations through acute project management, excellent leadership, and proactive initiative on complex sales and profit growth projects.
• Contribute directly to cost reduction and cost control mechanisms.
• Exceed company expectations during through excellent consultation, relationship building, and honest communication, garnering promotions to higher-level positions.
• Streamline and refine interpersonal and company-level communications to optimize operations.