Jackie Hopper


Born in San Francisco but then grew up with a single mom and a younger sister. Hoping around from house to house in the suburban areas of Houston, Texas. I now want to transition back into my birth place of California.
Seeking out the finer things and industries building up and up in the wake of technology and beauty.
People are finally seeing the natural world for what it is and I love it!
I am looking for a position in Marketing/sales/promotional aspects but I am open to anything and everything at this point.
I am a Jack-of-all-trades if you will.
Being versatile, outgoing and openminded has gotten me far with my level of personal success at this point.
I didn't have the best or the easiest upbringing but over all my sister and I were cared for and at the end of the day thats all a kid can ask for.
Life is wonderful and mysterious, it gets even better with experiences and age too, I've come to find out.

I'm very athletic. Wakeboarding, longboarding, running (half marathons), swimming (done swim team and coaching before) and also was a lifeguard all through highschool and college during the summer months. I bike ride a lot too. I mean a lot. Riding the MS150 this April in Texas, cannot wait.

I have a very strong will to work hard at whatever I set my mind to. Time is precious so use it wisely, I always say to myself.
Basically I'm interested in expanding my horizons and putting my skills to the test!