Dustin Felts


I've participated in many Consumer, Dealer, and Distributor Boat and RV Camping Shows both nationally and internationally, and coordinated dozens of Store Grand Openings and other Store Special Events. I've participated in interview panels for many talented applicants from coast to coast.

I managed outdoor retail stores and teams from 5 to 85 associates from the Everglades to the Pacific Ocean for almost 10 years. I am now the Divisional Vice President of Business Developement for a Marine Products company. I just brought to market a new line of RV and Camping products that I'm proud to say I was involved with, from design to research & development, and into product release. I have a unique perspective of the manufacturer to the 2-step wholesale distributor, to the retailer, and to the consumer; and I will utilize this experience to continue my success and passion in my career.

Friends, family, and co-workers would say that I am honest, outgoingly friendly, life of the party, driven by opportunity and success, lives life to the fullest, supportive, a leader and a team player.