Robert Browning


Problems I solve:

- New company or new product/service that need sales fast
- Not enough consistent sales at optimal profits or volume to cherry pick
- No systems or processes to automate lead gen, lead nurturing with ability to cherry pick
- Sales close time is too long or sales team not aligned with optimal systems, messages
- Poor alignment of sales and marketing - accountability, leaving money on table
- High cost of sales - to acquire leads, calls or walkins -
- Consistently discounting to win the deal, the sale, the customer
- Negative Online Reviews or no online reviews
- Ineffective and Wrong use of Social Media
- Websites that don't get calls, opt ins(leads) or sales
- Competitive Noise, Price Shoppers - Unable to charge "What Your Worth"!
- Poor website or email copy - platitudes - poor conversion, stalls or losses the sale

* Solutions I provide:

- Separate your business from competitors - Position your company as the obvious choice for a well defined niche.
- Architect Digital Strategies to create sustained demand, minimize competitive pressures
- Build turnkey sales and digital marketing systems/processes to automate leads/sales
- Ideate new products/services combinations, price models to get the door open, deals won
- Increase sales profits - LTV of existing customers, referrals, reduce time to close sales cycles

* Personal USP -

- Increase short term profits in less time & less cost than conventional approaches - "All White Hat"
- Create new sales and marketing approaches to minimize crowded market challenges
- Shorten the sales cycle - Id the optimal angle, hook or gap, optimize sales and content
- Identify new revenue opportunities client's may miss while leveraging existing resources
- Create systems and processes client's can take over if chosen to further enhance ROI
- Optimize USP/Messaging SEO Agencies or Consultant's neglect - including easy innovation opportunities
- Brand Clients -, Walmart, Apple, Home Depot, Guitar Center to Mid Tier and Mainstreet

* Industry and Niche Expertise: - B2B, B2C, Reseller Channels

- Channels: Retail, Prof Services, Manuf/Resellers
- B2C: Alt. Health, Authors/Coaching, Education, Hospitality, Music, Beverages
- B2B: High Tech - (Software/Saas, Startups, Consulting), Industrial, Manufacturing
- Models: Direct Sales, Online Sales/eCommerce, Membership Sites

* Performance -

- Sales Career - Enterprise Level - Top 5% - personal quotas - 3M+
- eMarketing - Exceed ind. averages - Traffic, Content Social Media, Email