Chanel Nguyen


I am a small business owner with 2 years of experience in ecommerce management and social media marketing.

My company, faire broderie, has sold over 4,300 products generating approximately $72K in revenue in just a year and a half. I have expanded and/or developed social media presences which includes the company's Instagram account with over 9,300 followers and Pinterest with products repinned thousands of times. My most recent marketing strategy led to an increase of over 15% in inbound traffic for my website.

While attending college, I worked at the Red Lion Hotel in Anaheim as a front desk agent and social media coordinator. I was responsible with creating content, updating, and managing the hotel's social media presence. Interacting with guests and potential guests through the social media platforms ultimately drove revenue for the company through reservations and repeated loyal guests.

Through a combination of creative social media marketing strategies and thorough monitoring of success through media analytics, KPIs, and dashboards, I can assure your company a similar rate of success.