Danielle Domsky


Over the past year I helped to launch a sustainable apparel company, Kusaga Athletic. I was responsible for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns and developing the brand identity. I built up all of our social media platforms, analyzing follower activity and making changes accordingly. I was also in charge of creating and executing content calendars and finding possible brand ambassadors. I played a key role in the application process and eventual success of getting B Corporation certified. Throughout my job at Kusaga Athletic and my previous marketing internships I learned the importance of close monitoring, being flexible with ideas, and the most essential, community engagement.
Growing up in Jackson Hole, WY I was instilled with a passion for the natural environment and the gear used to explore in it. I have combined my love for the outdoors and interest in the clothing industry throughout my time at NYU. Studying these two dynamic and often contradicting subjects resulted in multiple scholar awards and job opportunities that allowed me to further my investigations.Currently I am pursuing a senior thesis. My thesis will result in a website and paper discussing what constitutes as sustainability in the textile industry, the historical and current usage of cotton in the industry and exploring solutions on how to create a more sustainable textile industry. The solutions I am exploring include but are not limited to, the Higg Index, B corporation certification, and life cycle assessments