Brett Balcaen


Creative. Open Minded. Hardworking.

Three of the most important traits that I believe to emulate in my everyday work. The design industry is such a progressive and opinionated industry and can be challenging at times. By allowing myself to continue to be inspired by new and upcoming trends I always resort to these three traits in order to do my best work.

As a graphic designer and small business owner I allow myself to maintain a high level of time management and understand timelines and how important they are to keeping a company on the right track. Working in the motocross industry it is important to stay connected and because it is my biggest passion I find it very useful to pay close attention to trends in the industry as well as trends in all other industries. I always want to continue to learn and see things in many different lights in order to be inspired and be the best at what I do.

Owning a small business and working in my current role on the MX Design & Development team has allowed me to wear many different hats including designer, pattern maker, tester, manager, delegator, marketer and customer service rep. I believe my experiences have moulded me into a well rounded person with a calm and level headed personally that can be a positive contributor to any work environment.