Hannah Perlman


It's the endless pursuit of style and substance that gets me up in the morning.

I manage development and production at LA LOOP, a global accessory brand known for its beautifully designed, functional jewelry items, most notably the patented “Original necklace for eyewear," born out of necessity in 1999 and sold to fine retailers and individuals across the globe, and the 2020 launch of LA MASK, our top selling PPE-with-accessory category with press features in Vogue and WWD. I take great pride in being part of an entrepreneurial business, and my ability to roll up my sleeves, find creative ways to build product and solve problems, and simply get the job done. Some key highlights:

- Ability to take collections through every step from concept to market.
- Experienced in working strategically within the constraints of a target market, brand, cost/margin structure, and calendar to develop products that are both innovative and aligned with sales goals.
- Proven track record of building relationships with global and domestic vendors and managing skilled laborers, resulting in lower costs and more consistency in quality.
- Forms connections between product and marketing through in-depth analysis of inventory and sales data, conveying brand voice and aesthetic across multiple platforms
- A keen eye for trend, color, composition, and style—with versatile application in fashion design, graphic design, e-commerce merchandising, and production/styling of photoshoots.