RB Ganon


I am an undergraduate student at Northeastern University in pursuit of a bachelors of the arts degree in Communications and set to graduate in December of 2017. I was raised in San Diego, California but currently reside in Boston. My interests include skateboarding, photography, marketing, and fashion. In my free time I like to skate around downtown Boston and capture images on my Nikon DSLR I hope to eventually find a job within the skateboarding industry where I can further develop my photography/cinematography skills. In the meantime, however I am pursuing positions within my field of study in order to garner a wider range of skills which will make me an especially valuable asset to the team I will join. I am a hard worker, a fast learner and a passionate team member. The best work experience I have had thus far in my young career was at Donna Morgan, a Womenswear company in New York. There I worked within the e-commerce department and learned really useful information about SEO, managing the front end of an E-commerce business and effectively communicating with an off-site warehouse to ensure that the online store was stocked appropriately. I am currently looking to further my experience in e-commerce as well as learn more about product development and marketing within the skateboarding/streetwear community. Thank you for your time!

-Robert (R.B.) Ganon