haggeo cadenas


Currently, I am working on an MA in philosophy at ASU. My long term goal is to eventually be a professor, speaker, and writer in philosophy. My short term goal is to start a blog of my own on various intellectual topics.
I am interested in a position like yours because, besides being hard work, it strikes me as rewarding work. Also, the experiences learned will be challenging and thus invaluable. I have been doing much writing for the past eight years, with such writing always receiving good evaluations from over dozens of professors. Moreover, I have done a large amount of teaching, tutoring, and review board editing. And in the past, I published a few times in my college newspaper. It was a lot of fun. In the past two years, I’ve successfully worked on the phone doing sales and customer service with countless people from various backgrounds and ages. Because of my experience, I am confident that I tremendous communication skills, work ethic, and writing ability.