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Mitchell Valenti

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Hello! My name is Mitchell Valenti,

I am a clean, considerate, and motivated 26 year old college educated man from Connecticut who has just recently moved to beautiful Southern California. I made the move across country in search of personal growth and the strong desire to achieve my vision of success. Born and raised in Fairfield County, I come from an amazing and supportive family who allowed me to spend the majority of my life playing sports, going to school, and working. Finally, this year I knew I needed to, "leave the nest", and I could not have picked a better place than Orange County. My previous work interests and experiences include Marketing, Advertising, PR, Branding, Sports Media, and Social Media. I am looking to continue my career on the west coast somewhere that will challenge me, allow me to grow both personally and professionally, and have a close knit - family like workplace culture. At this stage in my life, I have a very clear mission to reach and exceed my current goals. My days are very simple. Work, working out, eating clean, and spending time keeping myself spiritually fit. I know that as long as I keep my head down and work hard, it will take me a long way. Now I am searching for the best place to do so!

If you relate to my brief summary, want to hear more, or think I would be a great fit at your company, please do not hesitate to reach out to me @ in case I do not get back to you on Malakye right away!

Thank you for checking out my profile!

Mitchell Valenti