Julius von Brunk


I'm a professional graphic designer with seven years of consistent design experience in the New York City metro -- in addition to several years previously as a freelancer for multiple small businesses and music venues in my hometown of Lancaster, PA.

My primary job tasks generally include package layout design via Adobe Illustrator, as well as creating virtual and hard-copy mockups of new products for major retailers. I am well-adept with following branding guidelines -- such as style guides, logos, company Pantone colors, and retail displays. I've worked with major licenses in the past, which include Disney, DC Comics, Duracell, Jelly Belly, Levi's, Smith & Wesson, Marvel Comics, Tony Hawk, and NCAA Sports.

As a personal hobby, I'm an adult fan of LEGO, and I've created dozens of large and elaborate sculptures with said medium -- some of which have gained quite a bit of notoriety, notably my Nintendo-related projects which have been been featured in Nintendo Power and exhibited at Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center. One of my most ambitious projects was a large 5-foot replica of an NES controller, which uses thousands of LEGO bricks and is actually wired to function.

Ultimately I have aspirations to become a professional toy designer. My strongest job skill in terms of overall graphic design experience would be package designs via Adobe Illustrator.

I'm also an independent photographer with a Nikon D5200 and a variety of lens types. My usage of camera equipment is more than just a hobby, as I often incorporate it for product photography in my jobs.