jordan thibault


Video Editor, Videographer, photographer, Social Media Manger

Talented and versatile Photo/ Videographer and Editor. Successfully run and operated many social media sites for promotion, leads, sales and reviews. Including company and product reviews, proposals, presentations and high quality DSL photography of people, products, foods and drinks. More than 6 years of experience writing creative, promotional advertising, photography, videography and Editing. Enthusiastic and creative customer-focused employee, adept at details, and producing only first-rate work. Tremendous integrity and common sense.

I am not only business oriented but I seem to hunt down the thrill that lies around every corner! Guess you can say I have a blood type “A” for adrenaline. Whether it’s grip tight, white knuckle, eye popping roller coaster like fun. Or feet stomping, ear thumping music and clubs. Any time there is a new opportunity for adventure, I am first in line. I suppose when it comes down to it, I see all the beauty that the busy world brings and want nothing more than to contribute and become a part of it. Everyone is a Dreamer, They just need those who will belive in what their doing and their dreams.