Justin Betts

Justin Betts


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Currently replicating skateboard graphics from upcycled skateboards as relief art/3D pieces.

Long winded summary below...

I started my sales career selling the local newspaper in seventh grade, but I followed my passion of art into the printing industry and didn't make the move into full-time Sales until my mid twenties when my other passion led me to open a retail skateboard shop/park. I owned and ran Artero for near six years until the hardships that the majority of small businesses face, money, became an issue. I returned to the the printing world, then again dropped that for a ceramic arts based job that focused more on dealing with people face to face. Now, I'm on the hunt for a retail/wholesale company who needs someone with a skill set like mine to build sales and grow revenue without sacrificing honest and friendly customer service. Direct sales and up-selling are my specialty, and my passion (at work) is leaving a customer happy and excited with whatever it may be they purchased (My passion not at work is skateboarding with my 60+ member Skate Group).