Mark Woodhead


Print1 – Bethesda, MD / Feb 2016 - Present
Graphic Design & Prepress
Full-time prepress production artist and production designer for this busy, medium-sized local print shop.

Dynamic Press – Santa Cruz, CA / Mar 2015 - Aug 2015
Graphic Artist
Full-time production artist working on contract for this small local print shop. Work varied from graphic production to light design to running digital
presses, cutting paper and pretty much any other hat that needed to be worn.

Bethlehem Business Forms – Allentown, PA / March 2014 - August 2014
Graphic Artist
Part-time production artist for this small, local print shop. I was working for them on an in-house temp basis for close to four months just before
moving back to California, working on various print jobs, and being trained to run digital presses and operate basic bindery equipment.

Advanced Sports International – Philadelphia, PA / Mar 13 - Oct 13
Production Designer
Full-time production artist for this busy and successful bike company. I was working for them on an in-house contract basis for six months,
working on various print and digital projects for the multiple bicycle brands they own. Continuing work on a per-project freelance basis.

Community Printers – Santa Cruz, CA / Mar 04 - Jun 11
Digital Pre-press
Full-time production artist for this busy commercial printer for seven years. This cooperatively-managed, green-certified business thrived in an
environment that became too costly for a number of other large printers in their area. Client work was preflighted, corrected and output direct-toplate.
Archiving project managed for the last 5 years as well.

Prism Photographics – Santa Cruz, CA / Jan 00 - Oct 03
Production Artist/Digital Pre-press
Full-time production artist and imagesetter for this small publisher and film house. Work levels increased dramatically when the largest film house in
the county closed their doors, and most of their customers came to us. I developed extensive experience in troubleshooting the endless variety of
file problems, as well as a very strong understanding of all phases of prepress work. Most of our trapping was still done manually at that time.

RockShox, Inc. – San Jose, CA / Jan 95 - Feb 99
Graphic Artist
Full-time senior production artist working on all in-house projects for this large bicycle suspension manufacturer. Work included most of the ads,
manuals, tradeshow graphics and sales promotional pieces. Other duties included design projects, Mac network maintenance, and most in-house
photography. Also extensive experience creating 2D vector graphics using CAD output as templates and redrawing in Illustrator.

McDill Associates – Soquel, CA / Jun 91 - Mar 93
Production Artist
Full-time production artist for this award-winning design agency. Produced nearly all print-based artwork there, mostly involving large produce
industry clients. Assisted and instructed part-time freelance workers. Recommended, purchased and installed hardware and software, bringing
many outside services in-house for a substantial increase in the company’s net profits during my time there.

MW Photographics – Santa Cruz, CA / March 93 - Present
Production Artist
Freelance work with numerous local designers as well as my own clients. Between staff jobs I built my freelance work to full-time status, dropping
back to part-time while employed on staff, elsewhere. Projects have included production for Envision Media, Newman’s Own Organics, MontBell
clothing, Apple, SCO, Plantronics, McAfee and Borland as well as many others.