Ryan Rusden

Ryan Rusden

Procurement Manager

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Generally well rounded in a variety of topics/skill sets. Worked in a variety of industries and work types that's helped me develop a strong work ethic and good understanding of how to manage and deal with both the wearer of the business suit and the wrench turner. Life took me in a professional direction towards Procurement that I did not intend after graduating college, but it has treated me well and I've had a considerable amount of success developing my skills in the field in a very capital intensive industrial work environment. I enjoy working with positive people who are always looking to the next best thing and trying to innovate on a consistent basis. I'm always looking for a strong challenge and don't want to be professionally pigeon-holed into Procurement if other opportunities arise, as I feel I can succeed in any role.

I'm a very positive and energetic individual who is endlessly curious about how and why anything functions and confident enough to know I can learn any of it.