Darci Delaney

Darci Delaney

Campaign Manager , IBM

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A senior marketing professional that loves the concept of the art of the possible. Teaching my customers how they could truly leverage all that technology has to provide and the impact it can have on their customers is what I love to do.

In 2016, I managed two of the top three revenue generating campaigns for my business unit resulting in $1.2M win revenue with a 35% whitespace conversion rate.

During my personal time I enjoy hanging out with my husband and friends at bbq' s, the beach or where ever the day may take us. My two kitties hold a special place in my heart. I love cooking, doing art, kicking back watching TV, playing games on my phone and snuggling with my loved ones.

Specialties: Strategic planning through data intelligence, event management, digital & social marketing (SEO, PM2, Webcasts, Podcasts), content creation

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to connect at darci.delaney@gmail.com