Aditya Adiputra

Aditya Adiputra

National Sales Manager/Coordinator at Miss Me

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With over 7 years of experience as a sales manager and coordinator, I hold the creative and technical knowledge to thrive in a fast paced, deadline driven environment that will not only meet your current needs, but will also be poised for growth.

My greatest professional expertise has been the ability to take on multiple projects to provide assistance to various departments including sales, production and marketing. Although I’m currently employed in the apparel industry, the knowledge and experience I bring to the table expands to more than fashion and design. I’ve taken on multiple project managerial duties in show management and production planning, which in turn has furthered the sales expertise within my professional career through understanding a company’s objective from multiple perspectives. I have experience managing every facet of sales position including:

• Merchandise plans for wholesale and retail markets.
• New account acquisition.
• Maintain relationships with buyers and owners.
• Brand name expansion and exposure.
• Provide and analyze intricate sales reports for executive management.

My qualifications are:

• Extensive experience in Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Power Point, and Outlook).
• Flexibility in traveling and adaptable to numerous conditions in the work setting.
• Strong customer service and communication skills.
• Expert and proficient with Mod2 and Simparel CRM/ERP systems.
• Fluent in English and Indonesian. (Written & Spoken)