Noel Wu

Noel Wu

Global EVP Sales & Marketing

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Over the years of my successful Executive Leadership, I've been blessed with countless of accomplishments. The foundation of my success is mainly anchored by my Visionary Entrepreneurial Sales & Marketing Training & Development Executive Leadership traits as well as the human element in it where I have always successfully cultivated solid trusting relationship or rapport and "transformed" countless of prospects into loyal clients / raving fans for life through an effective implementation of strategic visionary initiatives where the results were and are specific and measurable.

I am an Innovative Visionary Leader who ncorporates NOT only the brand's features BUT most importantly the company's Culture, Values (its people / team members), the community it serves as well as the quality and the superior unique products or services that represent the true comprehensive unique or distinct brand image.

My principal and philosophy have always evolved with one of the most crucial elements. That element has always been and always will be about the 'people' or clients or customers I serve as well as the team I have the privilege to work alongside with. This is what makes me an ideal candidate for the position.