Darcy Payne

Darcy Payne

Social Media Manager

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About me: I'm a storyteller. Social media campaigns and reputation management allow me to express my creative side. Whether it's graphic design, campaign themes or writing, social media marketing is my creative outlet. I work with the best, and we are constantly innovating.

Professional accomplishments: I organically raised social media engagements and interactions by 90% at Maple Ridge Events. Additionally, I maintained a 92% client retention rate at Friendemic while in the Community Management position.

My values: Creativity, originality, innovation and honesty.

My superpowers: I excel at marketing strategy, eye for design and original content creation.

Differentiation: I run three miles before work and still arrive to the office first. I do my best work in the morning, and I stay until the job is done. I am team-oriented, so I stay in the office until the last person leaves.

External Validation: I have received over five professional recommendations, three scholarships and two awards. Check out the stats below.