Michael de Vena- Hernandez

Michael de Vena- Hernandez


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Hello Tactics,

As a summary, I wanted to explain where I come from and where I would love to expand my horizons within the Tactics family. Firstly, my Name is Michael de Vena Hernandez. I am new to Oregon and the Eugene area and have a deep appreciation for the Tactics family and store within Eugene that I have seen thus far. My hopes to be involved with the company in any way possible actually stems from a personal place.
As a part time freelance illustrator for the last decade and with a change in the tide of the art world along with personal reasons, I am no longer able to sustain myself in ways I have known. Partly as someone who has skateboarded and rode bikes for more than 30 years, I have battled a neurological seizure disorder in recent years that has affected my nervous system. I am appear and am for all intents and purposes strong and healthy. I exercise and skate and run each day. However, the illness has taken a toll on abilities to perform and maintain the skill level I once had in skateboarding for example. My temporal lobe changed and had experienced pain and tremors with physical activity. In short, it is like learning to ride a bike, run and skateboard all over again because the body has difficulty retaining muscle memory and physical stamina.
I am much better now but the years of all I learned are mostly lost and I am relearning all these things I love, especially skateboarding. So I understand I do not have the experience you may normally require. Though, I can say that I am at the best level of physical health in years now and would love nothing more than to re-enter the public work force with the help of Tactics. I would love to have the opportunity to learn and help in any way I can with any department of your company. I know this is a different approach to summarizing, but it is my great hope I could meet with someone to speak further with how I may help with any part of the Tactics team with or without a paid employment position. I only wish to be around the things I love most that inspire so many of us to push forward regardless of life's trials as skateboarding has done for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal and summary for possible employment or even interning/volunteering time.