Paige Blodgett-Eskridge


I developed and managed a small company specializing in homeowners association management in Southern California. I enjoyed 35+ years of success in an industry that simply wore me out, was not at all artistically creative, although I became quite creative in working with people from all walks of life, socio-economic classes, countries and traditions, and in fact, embraced this aspect of my job. Communicating effectively and gaining their trust was my first priority and if successful here, success was almost guaranteed across the board. My writing and way of communicating was excellent - most of the time. I've been told this many, many times and my own assessment and responsive feedback tells me this. I left the industry in 2013 as a result of various life events, increased liability and labor intensity, and more challenging risk management resources. Also, I am and have always been an artist, and experienced life events that prompted my change in interests and career to that of an artist. Where I should have always been.

I am presently working with ceramics, sculpting what I have named "tiled sculptures" - sort of a mosaic style of imagery. I also draw and paint, write, read music, sing, play several musical instruments, have developed a line of fashion jewelry under the brand "Charm'd" and have been receiving favorable feed back and sales for several years. Creative writing is also an interest, however, I am still searching for the appropriate application or outlet. I come from a family of artists, musicians and writers. There is a doctor and a lawyer in the mix as well, both of whom I have learned a great deal from - technically and practically.

I am an extremely fast learner, and where I may be lacking in today's technology where graphic art, animation, printing may exist, I make up for in passion, talent, creativity, and a "get it done", solution based and positive attitude - and that I am a fast learner. I want to work in the art industry, plain and simple and will not settle for any other line of work unless art and creative thinking is a large part of any job or career.