Douglas Gomes


I’m a creative native with 9+ years of digitial/printing/branding corporation experience. I have my ambitions as a person but I believe team work is everyone’s foundation. My objective is to get the best out of each experience to always remind me that I do what I love.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but lived almost all my life in Porto Alegre, South of Brazil. Moved to San Diego, CA in 2011, where I finally could condense my life style and professional life together and call this paradise Home.

Husband, father of one amazing little guy, surfing is my secret and precious addiction, if I could have an office in the woods I would (wifi is important though), hard worker, life is a learning and infinite journey, if I can do it I will do it and if can't I'll figure it out how to, curious, drawing/illustration/graphic design is not only my passion but who I am as well, video gaming is fun, bbq every Sunday is my goal, I love animals most importantly my boxer Athena, I believe in extraterrestrial life and anything that fulfills my creativity...

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"
This quote pretty much sums up who I am too.