Designer surfer born in the Philippines and living in Bali. Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Graduate.
I love coconuts and all things that spreads stoke. Yeew!

I've designed all sorts of stuff and dealt with people of different walks of life. I like the diversity in general that I deal with in this career. From people / clients, on what kind of products and brands I'm working on, and on how I handle project. It's always evolving and so I am too. For me this kind of job is never boring because you're always faced with challenges. People think it's just designing and the only requirement is being creative. For me it's also problem solving in a way because as an artist/designer we solve visual problems and make it amazing.

Making Art / Design and Surfing is my passion, I feel lucky for having a chance to live where I can do both and have BALANCE. Designing and earning my living by helping people make their dream business into reality at the same time surfing in the middle of it all. It's a win-win situation and everyone is happy.

Living the tropical life, being near nature specially the ocean is what I'm all about because we learn so much from it which we can never learn from books or any academics. N A T U R E I S G O D -- O C E A N I S O U R T E M P L E